Innovations safeguard the sustainability of the service sector

‘Progress is the realisation of Utopias’ wrote the famous Irish author, Oscar Wilde. By contrast, stagnation is a backward step. The service sector must also move forward if it is to be able to successfully shape the future. Just like material goods, services offer a high innovation potential that needs to be utilised.

Klüh has the edge thanks to its established culture of innovation

Within the company, innovation is seen as a critical factor in growth and positive development. In order to offer service innovations, Klüh has been investing in new ideas for many years, analysing trends and focusing on innovative product developments in all its business divisions.

Robot-assisted cleaning

In the future, innovative technologies will be indispensable in facility management. While robots are still a long way from providing the necessary flexibility overall, autonomous cleaning robots can already be used for certain tasks. At Klüh in the past business year, they already proved very useful for cleaning large areas.

Intelligent cleaning carts

Klüh’s intelligent cleaning carts are equipped with tablet computers that use the company’s proprietary DigiClean® and DigiService software. This enables cleaning on demand and ensures the quality of service. The cleaning operative receives information about the type of service to be performed via the tablet on the cart. The system records attendance and absence data. Using DigiService, the cleaning operative can also quickly access ad hoc requests and solve any problems that arise. The information is documented via the system, serving as verification of service performance and the basis for invoicing.

Innovative cleaning methods

In the 2019 business year, Klüh for the first time used a completely innovative biotech cleaning agent named Innuscience from its industry partner Kenter.

New product line

Great innovative power

Gastronomic ambassadors

Marketing Award

Innovative learning programmes

For the third time in succession, Klüh Security received the prestigious Comenius Award. This time, the prize was awarded in the technology and training category for the e-learning programme for training civilian security guards in commercial security companies. Since 1995, the organisation has honoured outstanding digital educational media for use in professional training, schools, and cultural and leisure facilities.

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