Company increases focus on sustainability

2019 saw many people begin to change their way of thinking. A growing awareness for sustainability and ecological practices was clearly evident and is not just a passing trend. It is therefore increasingly important that a company displays exemplary ecological behaviour if it is to achieve market success. Sustainability has been a very important issue for medium-sized enterprises for many years and is an intrinsic part of their corporate ethos. For Klüh Multiservices, a family-owned company, sustainable business practices, social responsibility, respectful cooperation and environmental protection are a matter of course and driven by an inner conviction.

Sustainability is a central theme across all divisions at Klüh Multiservices. For the company, commercial success is inseparably linked with responsible business practices. All Klüh divisions follow guidelines and implement corresponding measures to achieve the company’s aims through the application of quality, health and environmental protection, energy and safety management systems. In the 2019 business year, many initiatives were taken to foster sustainable collaboration between the company and its employees, clients, guests and society as a whole. They included the Klüh Foundation sponsorship program and private initiatives taken by Josef Klüh.

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Employees receive significant recognition

Klüh Foundation awards prize for medical research

The Klüh Foundation, established by Josef Klüh in 1987 to support innovation in science and research, in 2019 honoured Professor James Nagarajah of the university clinics in Essen, Germany, and Nijmegen, Netherlands. Endowed with 25,000 euros, the prize recognised his pioneering research in the field of thyroid cancer. Since its establishment, the Klüh Foundation has awarded a total of 780,000 euros.

‘Wir für Düsseldorf’ – Josef Klüh supports childcare facilities in Düsseldorf

Through his private initiative ‘Wir für Düsseldorf’, Josef Klüh has in the past supported charitable organisations in Düsseldorf. In 2019, the company’s owner donated 25,000 euros to childcare facilities in Düsseldorf. Both public and private providers were invited to submit a project for consideration.

Klüh quality management for maximum customer satisfaction, security and sustainability

Klüh sets high standards through its own guidelines, especially in respect of personnel, environmental and quality policy. In order to reliably ensure security and sustainability, Klüh works with comprehensive management systems that are regularly recertified. All Klüh’s divisions and branches have implemented the management systems and operate conscientiously in compliance with these standards. The management systems have been certified by TÜV Austria and are regularly re-audited. In 2019, a total of 460 internal audits were performed.

Responsible use of cleaning chemicals

In the area of building cleaning, care is taken to substitute hazardous substances with less hazardous substances. Only those chemicals are used that deliver optimum cleaning performance with a minimum impact on the environment. Working with dosing specifications ensures optimum cleaning efficiency and protects the environment; it is checked and monitored. In the 2019 business year, around 76 millilitres of cleaning agent was used for each hour worked, a year-on-year reduction of 2.81%. Moreover, depending on the degree of soiling, use is made of mechanical cleaning processes or other environmentally friendly processes. You can read more about the innovative cleaning processes used by Klüh in its building cleaning operations.

Udo Weißmantel

Head of Product Development Cleaning and Clinic Service

‘With a view to sustainability and the ongoing development of our service concepts, we collaborate with our industry partners to evolve innovative solutions – both for cleaning agents and in the deployment of machines.’

Reduction of water consumption

In 2019, Klüh was able to save almost two million litres of water by deploying i-Mop cleaning machines (state-of-the-art ‘replacements’ for flat mops), which use far less water than conventional cleaning processes. In this way, Klüh supports the provision of clean water by ‘made blue’. Under the motto ‘1 litre for 1 litre’, this organisation ensures access to clean water in developing countries and in dry regions across the world.

Use of sustainable chemical cleaning agents

In 2019, Klüh began using the innovative and sustainable ‘Ecolution’ cleaning agents from Dr. Schnell. The system consists of powder sticks in a soluble film that are inserted into a special hand-held sprayer. The pre-filled bags dissolve completely in water.

Optimized machine use and targeted data evaluation

In 2019, the company leased cleaning machines rather than buying them in a move to increase sustainability. This enabled Klüh to replace machines that no longer met sustainability requirements with more modern and efficient models.

United against Waste

Support for the ‘BienenBlütenReich’

Serving sustainable fish

Childhood favourites for a good cause

In April 2019, Klüh Catering organised a fundraising event for small regional children’s charities. Klüh’s chefs in 120 canteens operated by the company across Germany lovingly prepared favourite childhood recipes. Guests were invited to pay what they wanted. Everything above the non-monetary value of 3.30 euros went into the donation pot and was paid to the children’s charities. If a guest paid less, Klüh Catering made up the difference.

Charity event for the ‘Stiftung KinderHerz’

In June 2019, the Cologne Golf Club was the venue for a walking dinner. Under the patronage of Wolfgang Bosbach, retired member of the German parliament, celebrity chefs and patissiers from ‘ChefHeads – Club der Küchenchefs’ and Klüh Catering organised a charity dinner in aid of the ‘Stiftung KinderHerz’ (Children’s Heart Foundation).

The Klüh Security School – recognised by Germany’s security industry association

Established in 1981, the Klüh Security School offered consultancy, management seminars, intensive courses, in-house training and special courses in 2019. The Security School systematically prepares employees as security specialists in various fields of activity, also via e-learning programs. In 2019, Klüh Security again received the prestigious Comenius Award for one of its e-learning programs.

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