Klüh closes 2020 with turnover of 807 million euros.

Klüh Cleaning was able to deliver solid growth, despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Deploying innovative cleaning methods and concepts, the division ensured the safety and well-being of its clients, its employees and society at large. Klüh lived up to its reputation as a hygiene specialist and contributed to preserving the value of residential and commercial property.

Klüh Catering is dedicated mind and soul to delivering good food to employees, patients, elderly people, schoolchildren, students, guests and travellers. Although Covid-19 made 2020 very different for the hospitality sector, Klüh again received the 'German Customer Award' for customer satisfaction* in the field of business catering. Klüh also remains the leader in care catering in Germany**.

*German Customer Award 2020/21: first place for customer satisfaction in the 'Canteens' category, awarded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien mbH **Survey by 'gv-praxis' (May 2020 issue)

Clinic Service applies its substantial expertise in meeting the needs of the healthcare sector and delivers a high standard of service in support of clinics and hospitals, residential care homes and facilities for the elderly. Dedicated hygiene specialists work to the standards specified by Germany’s Robert Koch Institute. Service companies have been established to manage all non-medical services.

Klüh Security's clients include many facilities and organisations in sectors such as healthcare, finance and insurance, transport, government and public administration, energy, water and food supply that are covered by Germany's critical infrastructure protection (CIP) regulations. Through their assignments, Klüh Security’s specialists have often demonstrated the systemic relevance of their work.

Klüh Personnel Service specialises in the provision of temporary staff, personnel recruitment and personnel placement, offering both on-site management and master vendor solutions. In 2020, this Klüh division loaned out many staff to warehouses and production facilities as well as tradespeople and administrative staff.

Klüh used its Integrated Services portfolio to help companies increase their efficiency and performance. Integrated Services bundles all infrastructure services so a client has just one contract and a single point of contact for all services. By managing, implementing and monitoring various processes, it ensures greater cost efficiency and makes a key contribution to generating value.

Klüh Service Management GmbH

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