Innovation as the motor for success at Klüh Multiservices

Most innovations are process optimisations that deliver improvements for our clients and for Klüh itself. In many cases, they result from digitalisation. However, some innovations are based on optimising the use of resources (see also Responsibility) in order to cut costs and increase efficiency. Innovations may result in great success although this is decided by the market. First and foremost, Klüh aims to use its innovative strength to support its clients and offer them the best possible services on the market.

Innovative processes for hygienic cleanliness

Klüh uses SteriSafe cleaning equipment from Kenter for the rapid and safe disinfection of entire rooms. This equipment works with ozone that it produces itself from the ambient air. In some cases, cold fogging is used. This process utilises hydrogen peroxide but requires complete sealing of the room.

Cobotics – a new form of collaboration between people and robots

The challenges seen in 2020 resulted in greater openness to cobotics. Cobots are robots that cooperate with people. They are used to perform very repetitive and time-consuming tasks or to clean areas that are difficult for people to reach like the large surfaces beneath the conveyor belts in logistics centres.

The future is cleaning on demand – DigiClean® makes it possible today

Klüh’s proprietary DigiClean® application maps the entire cleaning process and is being used increasingly by the Cleaning and Clinic Service divisions. It gives facility managers the ability to call off cleaning services in real time. And it provides Klüh employees with real-time information about unused areas. As a result, only those areas are cleaned that actually need it. The time saved can be invested in implementing hygiene measures and performing special services. In this way, a hygienically safe and attractive environment can be ensured for the users of buildings without generating additional costs for facility managers. And Klüh is able to customise its services even more individually, thus increasing quality and customer satisfaction.

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A new catering concept: ‘Hülle & Fülle’

‘snack & weg’ – the idea from Berlin

‘Pflanzenkraft’ nominated for Marketing.Award

Klüh Catering app ready for the new normal

Security on demand at MITGAS

In 2020, working with its client MITGAS, Klüh Security conducted a pilot project to determine the optimal deployment of security personnel with a view to recalculating optimal staffing periods. This enables the client to call off security services on demand.

Following an exact analysis of activities and movements, the staffing periods were adjusted. This measure reduced costs and resulted in the client extending the contract. MITGAS Mitteldeutsche Gasversorgung GmbH is one of the largest regional gas suppliers in eastern Germany. The company trades in natural gas, bio gas and heating as well as offering a range of energy services.

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